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At D L Communications honesty and integrity is our specialty, where we're concern about the needs of others that we can possibly be of service to. We're delighted that you've chosen our site to view and we would like to help you in any way we possibly can.
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D L Communications is a organization supplying services in conjunction with the churches and the community services in providing the necessary effort to limit crime and the lack of proper guidance in the family home today by creating an atmosphere to build the self esteem of others to provide jobs, shelter, food, and clothing having the donation and aid of funds to accomplish our endeavor.


We would be overjoyed to aid, counsel, educate and direct especially the fathers, in building up their self worth in order to regain their role in the household by becoming accountable and impacting a positive environment for their children with love.


And please consider our neighbor in construction for consultation or performing the necessary work needed for your home where the email address is located below and more detail located on our about page.



 It’s times when it seems overwhelming in performing daily tasks to bring about the necessary requirements of responsibilities that life brings. I need to slow down at times when I am speaking to someone about a particular issue concerning serviced items. I found that because I am so familiar with performing the task and correction of various issues on items to be serviced. I have a tendency to speak a little faster than necessary. I also find that when addressing certain subjects particularly in making it applicable to our lives, some of the conversations the volume of my voice rises at times to somewhat an offensive level, because of the concern I have in helping others. I have learned to be more self-conscience of my voice and expressions to others, and be more and more patient in conversations and listening for long periods of time. I daily take time in training myself to be sensitive to others and occasionally by reading books on leadership and allowing constructive criticism from my wife, family, and friends.